5 benefits of outsourcing your hotel’s laundry

Laundry is one of the most important functions for any hotel or B&B, but too often we see it gets left at the bottom of the priority list. Today we are looking at the key advantages of outsourcing your laundry as a hotel.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, consumer confidence is at an all-time low for the hospitality sector. From big hotel chains to independent B&Bs, clean linen is vital in achieving the right atmosphere for your guests.

Research shows that 99% of hotel guests say that good quality toweling and bed linen is important and 97% of hotel guests admit to checking the cleanliness and quality of the bed linen and towels. These figures show just how important clean, quality linen is to your guests and pinpoints why outsourcing your laundry could improve your business.

Five key benefits of outsourcing your hotel’s laundry

Improved linen quality
It can be difficult for a hotel of any size to train up an in-house laundry team and it can also be hard to maintain your laundry staff due to the monotony of the role. Retraining new laundry staff can be a large unnecessary expense. By outsourcing your laundry, you are guaranteed a fully trained, experienced team who are focused on delivering high-quality results for your hotel.

Save on utility costs
One huge benefit of outsourcing your laundry is cutting your fixed costs. Inefficiency from your in-house laundries, such as under capacity loads and under-trained staff can result in high utility costs. They will also be significant savings on other laundry related costs such as eliminating the need for expensive laundry equipment and regular maintenance on your machines.

Focus on your core business
The running of a hotel can be like plate-spinning at times, and it is easy to feel overloaded with tasks and obstacles to overcome. Outsourcing your laundry removes one major headache for your hotel and allows you more time to focus on your guests and improving their experience.

Accurate budgeting
By outsourcing your laundry, you will be able to budget for the year ahead more effectively. As hospitality is typically a seasonal industry this is especially important.

More space for your facility
Hotels are always looking for space to add new concepts like guests’ rooms, meeting spaces for corporate customers, and other guest amenities. By removing your on-site laundry, you will create useful space that can be converted to suit the needs of your hotel.

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Why outsource your hotels laundry?